What would extraordinary success look like A year from today?

Our mission is to help leaders and entrepreneurs to dramatically elevate performance and fulfillment professionally AND personally. Having and declaring a vision for your life creates a lasting impact on your work, your environment, and your life.

When you are able to boldly communicate your personal brand vision - with conviction and clarity - you are in alignment with your truth. We call it your Money Code.

Your Money Code is your Personal Brand DNA and is specific to you, your life, and your work.

It's not just about money. It's actually about you. Money is just an echo of the value you are and the value you recognize inside of you. Using a customized methodology, we are able to reveal your unique money code that become the unmistakeable compelling connection to you and everything you want in your life.

It's a movement - to feel in control, fueled by what is possible.

We help clients create an abundance of value with a Personal blueprint that builds influence and profits, with a Life Strategy that Connects your heart to your soul to your bottom line.

Close the gap between your vision and your bottom line. What makes you and your brand come alive?



Brand Identity
Brand Architecture
Brand Positioning
Copy Creation


Framework to Execution
Brand Partnerships
Influencer Relationships


Influencer Campaigns
Brand Advocates
Authentic Messaging
Performance Tracking

Creative Direction
Key Brand Messaging
Content Strategy

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What is important to  you?

You have all of the answers you need inside of you.
You just need someone to listen to you in a powerful way.

And that's where we come in.


So if you're looking to:

  • Create your own aligned vision.

  • Accomplish more than you ever thought possible, with more energy and focus.

  • Identify what resonates with and motivates your target customer. 

  • Create a simple and actionable plan that inspires clarity, action, and results.

  • Expressing your vision and values so that it translate trends into products & services that SELL.

In 32 years in the business world, I have NEVER met anyone who is so gifted. Shana just gets it and makes it seem effortless. Her brilliance is the result of a lifetime of learning, her deep expertise in her subject and her huge heart. Her understanding of her clients and their issues, and her instinct for what to do are superlative. If you haven’t worked with Shana, do it. Your business and life deserve her magic - her genius.
— Sarah Blick, Life Strategist