The Truth About Creating Structure in Your Business

by Shana Lynn Yao
CEO | Business & Personal Success Strategist
Total Genius™

Having a business is hard.  While it’s a wonderful idea to do what you love, the reality is that business is business.  Being an entrepreneur can be lonely, confusing, challenging, and sometimes self-defeating.

I know, I’m sorry to burst the pretty bubble you were living in, but someone has to say it out loud and I want to bring it out of the entrepreneurial closet. Amongst the comfy sweatshirts and jeans that you get to wear on a daily basis, underneath the PJ bottoms and slippers, lies that corner where you stuff all of your deep feelings.  While you try to hide them by showing up as your smiling, happy, Facebook photos, there’s a side to you that just wants to sometimes hide.


If you are one of the few uber successful ones – the ones that have made $100K in a month – this article probably doesn’t apply to you. This is for the well-meaning, talented, super smart people that started their business feeling excited and confident, but months later are wondering what made them even feel like they could do it.  

After spending months researching, trying to run your business, learning all you could learn, “liking” the non-stop social media posts and images of random people you don’t know – something weird happens. Confusion sets in.  There are so many – too many – things you could do and so many things you don’t know. 

I get it. I see you. And I’ve talked to you. I actually was once you.  I know you’re amazing but somehow got very lost. You may want to give up.  You feel self defeated by everyone else who seems to be killing it in their business.  You try to be supportive to the ones that aren’t.  And you’re probably always on the lookout for opportunities to prove your worth in the crowded online world and regular promo threads. You may have even taken several classes and courses to try to learn how “they” did it and you're following the "gurus".  Surely if you do what they are doing and buy what they are selling, THEN you'll find your success.

The reality is, you just feel stuck. Unclear. Not confident. In fact, the only thing that is getting more clear to you, is how unclear you are. Where are the herds of paying clients? Why can no one see how great you are? 

You think you need structure. A business plan. Clarity.


Look – I’m just going to be honest here, because you already know this, but you're likely still doing it.

The reason you have lost your confidence, aren’t making money, and feel unclear is because you’re wasting time on Facebook and trying to learn things you THINK can help you. There. I said it.  Not shocking right?

Yes, you know Facebook is a time suck. Yet there you are, liking countless posts, just for a second distracting yourself from your work. That’s fine – I do it too. But when it becomes almost an addiction, it’s counter-productive. And it’s self-defeating. 

Yes, liking, reading, and consuming social media posts – regardless about how celebratory, fun, informative they are – can be self-defeating.  You get caught up in other people’s successes (highlighting your lack of success), watching others have breakdowns of their failures (I know you’re supportive – but it opens the door to your looming failure), trying to “manifest” money (hello but making money is about making money), and most importantly, YOU AREN’T PRODUCING VALUE IN YOUR BUSINESS – the thing that brings in money.  Cash. Sales. Clients.

You wind up taking random group classes and courses that you don’t need. Getting caught up in the hype.  Convinced that there actually IS a magic bullet.

You are not alone. Due to something called “herd mentality”.  Herd mentality has been proven by psychologists, researchers, marketers, and most recently in the book “The Tipping Point” by Malcom Gladwell.  “Herd Mentality” is what happens when people are influenced by the behaviors and actions of other people in a group and will adopt those behaviors, actions, and thoughts of that group – even if it means making a bad decision, buying an inferior product, or taking on a negative emotion.  Research has shown that less than 5% of a group has to go in one direction for the rest of the herd to follow.

Sound familiar? So when you see other people talking about their great course, class, or success, you may be tempted to think they have your answer. And the reality is, there IS a lot of great information out there. But if you don't understand your motivations, your ROOT beliefs and values first, you won't know WHICH information is actually valuable to you and be able to produce the results you want, need, and deserve in your business.


It's time to do a deep dive - not OFF the deep end but INTO yourself. Yes, I don't care how much "personal work" you've done - knowing the answers to these questions will bring you back to the REAL center inside of you. As Tony Robbins says, 

"The quality of your life depends on the quality of the questions you ask yourself."

Take a pen and paper out. It's time to gain some clarity and focus in your business and life.

  1. Are you really living your mission? If not, how can you change that?
  2. What are your values? Is your business living true to them?
  3. Are you currently doing things you don't like and wish you didn't have to? If so, what?
  4. Are you giving 100% everyday? If not, what do you need to do?
  5. Are you truly being yourself - online and offline? If not - how can you change that?
  6. Are you moving forward or falling behind?
  7. Are you taking care of yourself? Your needs? 
  8. Do you 100% enjoy what you are doing?
  9. Do you really believe in yourself? If not, why?
  10. Do you enjoy the people that are surrounding you? (online and offline) If not, can you change that?
  11. Are you thinking and acting like a successful CEO? If not, why?
  12. Are you building your wealth or subconsciously depleting it? 
  13. What will it take for you to get what you want?
  14. Are you willing to stand out so people can find you and put yourself up for judgement?
  15. Are you taking care of your health?
  16. Do you have limiting beliefs? If so what?
  17. What steps do you need to take to take you to the next step?


In fact, Tony Robbins was right. Ask the right questions and you will find the right answers. Use these questions as a guide to understanding where you are now and where you want to be. Then create a plan of moving forward. 

Clarity and focus does not come from taking action. It comes from taking the RIGHT action.

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Shana Yao is CEO and Founder of TOTAL GENIUS™, where she works with high achieving entrepreneurs to use their genius - the combination of their greatest strengths, talents, and life experience - to create a profit generating business that fulfills their life and makes an impact on the world for a greater good. She is an award-winning Business and Personal Success Strategist with over 25 years of business and marketing experience managing multimillion dollar retail and shopping center locations, including the famed Rodeo Drive, Shana has a unique perspective on developing profit-generating strategies ffor diverse and divergent entities. 

In her signature program Discover Your Genius, Shana helps her clients achieve discover and empower their genius within. Using her knowledge of neuroscience, neuro linguistic programming, positive psychology, emotional and positive intelligence, and high level business strategies, she works to develop her client’s unique vision by uncovering their purpose, their message, building their profit-generating signature program and putting their words into action on their website and in their customized marketing strategy.

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