The Virus That's Changing the Game for Entrepreneurs

by Shana Lynn Yao
CEO | Business & Personal Success Strategist
Total Genius™


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There is a new bug spreading across the internet, and it's VIRAL. I guarantee you've probably gotten it before but unfortunately, that doesn't prevent you from getting it again.

There is an urgency to this flu - and prevention is the best medicine, because once you get it, you are more susceptible to get it again.

The symptoms can range from moderate to quite severe. They can include (but are not limited to):

  • Shiny object syndrome
  • Lack of self confidence
  • An empty bank account
  • An outbreak of CRICKETS
  • Over-learning
  • Spending a lot of money on random coaches and courses
  • Following other people's successes instead of working towards you own
  • Insomnia from worry
  • Weight gain :o 
  • Lack of priorities and seemingly NO TIME
  • and so much more

I know - it's horrific. I hope you can catch it before you experience any of these business failure symptoms.

Fortunately, you are now aware of it and taking the right steps starting now, can build your immunity to it (thank God!)

Do you know what this silent killer is? Are you ready??? It's called the "Facebook Flu" or what I not affectionately call "The Facebook Black Hole".


As an entrepreneur, maintaining a healthy mindset, knowing how to stay confident, and how to identify and move past blocks in your path to growth, is critical to achieving your highest potential in your business.

And while learning what to do in your business is sometimes overwhelming, making it worse is the constant allure of social media, the basic human need to connect, and the silent business killers such as Facebook.

While Facebook is an amazing platform that will connect you to thousands of your fans and clients across the world, if it is improperly used - if you, the entrepreneur does not know the secrets of what to stay away from, what to do more of, and how to avoid wasting time on social media - it will become very difficult to achieve your success.

The "Facebook flu" sounds like a funny name, but it's a very real subject and it happens when you're doing your magic - you feel confident, and are doing your thang, and then SWOOSH - you get SUCKED into the Facebook black hole.

The worst part of it is that it ultimately causes you to lose your self confidence - the ONE thing that could set your business into it's ultimate success. 

If Facebook is an essential marketing tool to build your successful business, how do you use it as the powerful platform it was designed to be without getting the "Facebook Flu"?



The reality is, Facebook is a great platform to connect you to your potential clients, and as an entrepreneur, it is essential to be present on it. But how you use it can be the difference between connecting to your potential clients and standing out as a unique voice, to getting lost in the noise online and losing yourself amongst the crowds. 

To maintain your sanity and your internal and external positioning, there are 5 things you can do today to own your social media mindset:

  • START YOUR DAY OFF WINNING - I recommend you start your day with some sort of meditation or practice to make sure you are focusing on YOUR OWN GOALS before you go online and start getting involved in other people's agendas.  

    I recommend and teach Active Focus Meditation™ - where you start your day with 20 minutes of consistent and high energy activity that causes heavy breathing (like walking fast or running) and focus on your OWN success goals while listening to your favorite theme song. Start your day on YOUR TERMS doing something GOOD for yourself.
  • CREATE THE HABIT OF SUCCESS - I call it Incremental Laundry - it's turning your tedious business tasks into  daily habits. You can schedule your Facebook time so you do the work to be seen and stay regular, while eliminating the distraction.
  • ELIMINATE DISTRACTION - Turn OFF Facebook when you are working. Yes, shut down the app. Willpower is limited and any possible distraction that would steal from your willpower should be avoided.
  • CREATE FOCUSED ENGAGEMENT - When you are doing your networking on Facebook, be on Facebook. Focus on the people you are meeting and be genuinely interested in them. Then get off. "Connecting" means actually getting connected. "Likes" on posts, on the other hand, is nice, but it isn't going to be the thing to pay your bills.
  • HAVE A LIFE - Get off of Facebook. Get off of Social media.  Love what you do in your business so much that you find Facebook a distraction rather than a temptation because you'd rather be working!

Facebook was designed as a habit forming platform. And while you may love it, the reality is, alone, Facebook will not pay your bills, not make you the confident and independent leader you already are, and your time is limited.

Use it as the powerful platform it is. Connect to people around the world. Share your genius. Then get off. Get off and have your life. Work in your business. BE YOU. Your success is waiting.

How do you deal with the Facebook flu? The reality is, it's a REAL topic that hits EVERYONE. And the tragedy of it - the real consequences are that really really intelligent, well meaning, AMAZING people who just want to do good in the world, to help people and have a business they love - they get caught with this flu and sometimes it takes them down.

Our minds are powerful forces and 95% of it is unconscious thoughts - thoughts that can either be trained to build you up or left untouched, can take you down.

Focus on YOUR SIDE OF THE STREET. Use Facebook as the tool it was designed to be and then focus on what MATTERS:

  1. Your health
  2. Your happiness
  3. Your mission and purpose

Everything you need to produce your success is already inside of you. xx


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