Shana Yao, CEO

Because having a business doesn't have to be hard OR lonely.
You can have your own personal marketing strategist
at your FINGERTIPS -
Customized Strategy, Daily Support & Direction

  • I don't know what to post on Facebook to get clients!
  • I hate selling and want to know how to promote myself without feeling salesy
  • How do I sell myself online without looking or feeling sleazy or awkward? If I could learn that my biz would boom
  • How do I get over my fears and limitations, and feeling like I'm spinning my wheels?
  • What should I work on everyday to ensure I'm moving forward and able t make money?

Then we need to talk.

Even top level CEO’s need guidance and support – and especially as a high-achieving entrepreneur, your success relies on your ability to know the most effective strategies, have the trust and guidance for your mental empowerment, and someone to lead you in the right direction, keep you focused, and keep your business growing.


How can I get results with daily support?

If you're running east trying to see a sunset, you will never see one. Doing your marketing only guided by the cookie cutter methods being taught on Facebook will never lead you to your individual success. 

In fact, if you are only doing the base level "standard" of marketing, and don't understand the strategy you need to speak, the words your potential clients need to hear in order to see you, and are practicing "introverted" marketing (not making bold offers), and don't approach your marketing from more of a 360 point of view, you will never be able to create the buzz necessary to attract your tribe of loyal followers.


Genius On Demand

Shana Yao CEO
  • One month of daily private messaging support - up to 20 minutes a day to up level your marketing strategy, write your social media copy, and supercharge your confidence

(I've helped clients create their signature programs, write website and sales page copy, turn their inactions into actionable profit - all through private messaging)

This is 1:1 focus on your individual success goals.  This means your financial goals, the strategies you should be focused on to achieve them, and what you need to work on to manage your time most effectively. If you're ready to take your business to the next level, let's do this!

MAY 20 - 9 pm PST

Shana, you haven’t just taught me something, you’ve taught me many somethings! I am just overwhelmed emotionally with what I’m learning and the impact it’s having on me personally. I tend to learn in the space between. I feel as though I am rising to a new level of consciousness and I am eternally grateful.
— Robyn
Shana has changed my life just by changing the way I start my day, accepting that it may be different from others, with a different ‘why’ and ‘guiding principles’. Big love to you for being a key to my lock, unlocking the solution to my problem of moving forward in my business, gaining clarity and personal growth.
— Nicolle
Because of Shana, I feel more inspired and motivated about my business than I have in AGES!!! Because now I’m focusing on what I ACTUALLY do best, not what I ‘thought’ I did, or more accurately what I thought I ‘should’ do best.
— Roisin
Because I can FEEL how much you (Shana) really do care about the people you are serving through your business. I can FEEL the impact of your belief and that is priceless. You are so genuine in that AND you have the knowledge and killer strategies to back it all up. It’s inspiring to see I’m getting clearer and showing up to bring about my business success. THANK YOU!!!!
— JJ