Make An Impact Online & Offline With Your Personal Brand

AKA How To Be A Badass & Bougee In Your Business

By Shana Lynn Yao

Your personal brand is what people say about you AFTER you have left the room.
— Jeff Bezos, Founder & CEO of Amazon

Visibility. Getting seen and heard by clients - it's a mystery and challenge for many entrepreneurs that leaves people taking "visibility challenges", joining Facebook groups, and struggling to attract clients.

And it's to be expected. With over 1.28 BILLION people logging into just Facebook everyday, it's no wonder many struggle in doubt and lack of confidence in their own identity and self worth as a business owner.

Or is it? The truth is, just as many struggle with being seen and getting clients, there are also people who don't. So is there a secret formula? 

In fact, there is, and in actuality it's quite simple once you know it - but actually doing it is not necessarily easy. 

The truth is, the reason why many struggle with visibility online and offline is found in your GUTS. Yes, it's true - otherwise known as people pleasing, as humans, our brains are wired to want to be liked by others. You want to "fit in" even if you aren't consciously aware of it. It's just a human condition that dates back to the caveman days even before language was formed. Back then you didn't want to be rejected by your tribe, or you would face being kicked out of the cave and have to face the sabertooth tigers alone.

So now as an entrepreneur, it's your job to "attract" people - and it would seem counterintuitive to do things that would push people away or put you in situations with less people to attract. But as it turns out, counterintuitive is a very important word to note for any entrepreneur - because most things that are counterintuitive are the exact things that will get you seen, heard, and creating success- financially and personally.

The Visibility Matrix

Are you ready to escape the visibility matrix? Remember I said this was about your GUTS - AKA your courage, or as I like to refer to it - your badass and bougee self, let's get started.


If your personal brand is what people say about you after you have left the room, as noted in the above quote from Jeff Bezos, as an entrepreneur, your personal brand is actually YOU - and you, as the badass business owner are always still in the room.

I know - SHOCKER - but if you can just understand this one thing..

The most important impression you need to make every time you show up, is to YOURSELF.

Yes - if you are the person who wants to get noticed, you actually need to notice yourself first. 

Huh? You think? 

Remember how I said the reason you feel invisible is found in your guts? In actuality, the thing that prevents most people from getting seen online and offline is your own CONFIDENCE. Confidence is not something you earn from attention from other people. Sure, that helps build it, but CONFIDENCE IS AN ACTION. You are responsible for how you show up, which means owning your personal style, your beliefs, and who you believe yourself to be in your head OUT LOUD will make a difference in how other people see you.

Confidence in fact is an energy. And when you can break it down into steps that are actual actions, you will unconsciously be able to create SELF CONFIDENCE. 

Just like the word is, SELF confidence is SELF given. And this is where your personal style comes in. Here are a few questions that you can then turn into your physical appearance which will affect your own self confidence and THEN you will be able to translate that into your visibility when you are in public.

1. What do you love to wear?
2. What are your favorite colors?
3. What do you wear that makes you feel amazing?
4. Do you get dressed everyday (and make an effort at it?)
5. What 3 words represent how you want others to see you?
6. Does your appearance reflect those words?

Those are just a few questions and if you want to dive further into your personal style, you may want to do this short questionnaire to uncover your personal style.


Do you have an opinion? I guarantee - especially if you are a purposeful entrepreneur who wants to get your work out in the world - you do. But where is that strong opinion in your business?

The term "bougee" is actually a slang term a lot of young teenagers use. In the Urban Dictionary online (and this is a direct quote) it means "She jus' tryin' to be all bougee and shit... like she got money" - and in general populations can be seen as kind of negative. BUT in many teen young girls, looking "bad and bougee" is actually a thing.

MILLIONS of young girls look to fashion bloggers to actually look bougee - which in the fashion world - means looking like you are wearing designer clothes and looking like a million bucks. It means wearing Louboutins, carrying Chanel bags, and being decked out in Gucci. It's a GOOD thing.

So back to your attitude - if you have an opinion - how can you show that opinion OUT LOUD to attract the right people who also share your strong opinion and want to learn from you? Be your raving fan?

Personally, I find Instagram a great place to show your personal style and to actually look, be, and display your attitude through the most powerful form of communication - VISUAL. I love getting dressed in things I love (usually ripped jeans and a white cute top), take photos of my dog, and write instablogs to attract my tribe of like minded people. 

How do you  best show your attitude? How can you be badass and bougee in your own way online and offline? 


This is probably the most important and little acted upon things that leaves most entrepreneurs struggling to gain visibility, clients, and overall success. It leaves so many suffering in lack of their own high self worth and wondering why no one can see them. 

It's called - the power of choice.

It turns out, WHERE you decide to show up is a personal choice. I know, I know, you think you have to be on Facebook, join Facebook groups, be everywhere - but doing that only will leave you frustrated and INvisible to yourself.

Instead, asking:

1. How do I BEST show up? Is it video? Is it in photos? Is it speaking?
2. Am I better in person? What places?
3. What networking groups can I find or can I start one?
4. Do I need a podcasts?
5. Should I be on Youtube because I love watching videos?
6. What places (online and offline) make me feel bad about myself?

Making powerful choices and realizing that your lack of visibility may be the product of just where you are choosing to get seen and appreciated can actually empower your confidence, your creativity, and yes, your visibility and impact to the people who you want to call your clients.

So I want to ask you - how can you stand out even in a crowded environment online and offline? Tell me in the comments below. And if you want to see where all of the baddass and bougee business is happening, join me at my jam - Instagram.