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by Shana Lynn Yao
CEO | Business & Personal Success Strategist
Total Genius™


Does your business have a soul?

The soul - by definition is "a person's deeply felt moral and emotional nature" and "the ability of a person to feel kindness and sympathy for others, to appreciate beauty and art." 

If your business is missing a soul, it's missing the value-driven critical element that runs the core of any successful business. It's the "moral code", your mission statement, your "why", that attract your ideal clients to see, hear, and value, and ultimately buy from you. 

Being consciously aware of the truth behind your business is how you create your brand story that connects to your ideal clients, transforms them, and sells your work with your words. Discovering yours, is about understanding yourself and the motivation of others so well, that you can create the everlasting brand that transforms lives and makes the difference in the world, as well as your bank account.

The problem lies in the UN-consciousness that many business owners have. WHO ARE YOU AND WHY ARE YOU HERE?

And the question you SHOULD be asking everyday - why should your future ideal clients care and want to invest their hard earned money in you for?


Being an entrepreneur is hard. 90% of new entrepreneurs fail their first year in business. This is due in part to not understanding the responsibility and developmental thinking you need in order to become successful as an entrepreneur. Too often people get caught up following other people’s successes and losing their once strong belief in themselves.

You lose your self confidence and what you know to be your identity… and suddenly instead of pursuing your dream, you are drowning in confusion, TOO much information, and a loss of your personal value.

“If you don’t define yourself, the internet will do it for you.”

Belief in yourself is the first step to having a successful business and life. Belief in yourself means that you understand that your past is not your future. Change is inevitable but personal change is not. Your mind and your beliefs are formed between the ages of 0-7 - so depending on your childhood, your parents, your family and friends, your experiences, and your genetic programming, your belief in yourself may be skewed and your expectation for possible success may stand on shaky ground.

The reality is, your mind is changing everyday. We as humans have 60,000-80,000 thoughts a day, and 80% of them are negative and 95% of them repetitive and unconscious. That means that if you don’t take control of the 5% of conscious thought, you may tend to live your life like Groundhog day - the same type of experiences everyday. 


It is a fact that human beings have an ego, a self-image of who they are in the world. This is our personality. It is also a fact that we are programmed to act consistently with that self-image. That is human nature. All of our actions – what we say and how we act and therefore our life experiences occur because of that self image.

The people that have mastered success in their business have a clear understanding of what their self-image is. Highly successful people have solid foundations and build their businesses around that. Everything they do and their power of influence is because of this high self-image.

People that have a high self-image are successful because they structure their world around their strengths. And they surround themselves with people that support their growth and accomplishments. They consistently live up to the standards they set for themselves. No exceptions.

The problem that many people face is that our self-image is not based on who we actually are. It’s based on who we THINK we are. Influenced by the world around us, the people in our lives, and our own life experiences, Facebook - our self-image has been shaped by external forces. If you grew up in a large family and now don't ever feel heard, you may think you’re shy. Or maybe you had a bad teacher that told you that you were dumb so you think, “I’m not very smart.” Even being online and feeling "invisible" affects the internal value you feel as an entrepreneur.

Most people live their lives as an extension of your past. In doing so, your identity becomes not only who you think you are, but who  you think you are NOT. It's like wearing a pair of glasses that creates a blurry vision of yourself, your possibilities for success, and the risks you take to get you there.

You have the power to change that. Because we act consistently with who we think we are, you have the power to create a new self-image. That self-image is actually the perfection of your soul when you were just a child. It's called you E2 Personal Blueprint™.

“Don’t change yourself... change the lens in which you see things.”

As a business owner who needs to become your highest value so in order to succeed, it is now your JOB to consciously create your future. To shift the paradigm of your work and find the value and meaning in it that empowers your confidence and self worth.

Your E2 Personal Blueprint™ is based on a scientific phenomenon called epigenetics - the study of how outside environmental factors affect the way your genes express themselves - which impacts not only your health, but it actually impacts who you are and think you are. Research shows that depression, happiness, and even success found in the ways your genes express themselves and that you can actually change the way your genes have been programmed - you actually can change your future.

According to Dr. Bruce Lipton, author of The Biology of Belief and research scientist, “95 percent of the human population arrives on this planet with a perfectly functional set of gene blueprints.”

That’s incredible. Then why is there so much disease? Why is there so much depression? What they have found out is that most people are born perfect with a perfect genetic makeup. You were born to succeed, to be healthy, and to win. But outside factors - your parents, your diet, and your environment have changed that.

How does this play into you? This is your E2 Personal Blueprint - the discovery of who you really are and who are meant to become reveals your true identity as a business owner and defines your niche.

Your self-image and knowing who you are and how you want to operate in the world is essential to building your success in business. Understanding who you are is a creative blend of who you believe you are (shaped by your past experiences, your upbringing and personal standards), and who you want to be.

“Chaos is created by unconscious ignorance.”


What is your job in your business?

If you answered "I'm a coach" or "I'm a designer, a teacher, a yoga instructor, an artist, or a nutritionist..." then that is how you define what you do.

But in actuality, you are so much more (I know, thank God someone finally sees that!) :) In actuality, your job in life is not about yourself and your title. It's about what you actually do.

What is the goal you pursue? 

If you are a coach - your goal is to lead others to change.
If you are a yoga instructor - your goal is to help people develop a deeper connection with themselves and free their body and mind.
If you are a nutritionist - your goal is to help people feed their body and mind so they can live healthier lives.

Whatever your goal, THAT is what you actually do. It's more than a job, it's a PURPOSE. 

For me, my title in my business is a "Personal Branding & Success Strategist" but my job is to help people who struggle to communicate the value and depth of your work, discover the purpose and meaning from your expertise and life experience and create a brand story that connects, transforms, and sells 

What is your job? 

While changing a learned behavior and belief is hard, it's not impossible. The goal is not to change the behavior, but change the meaning making process you have. In order to change the a learned behavior, its not focusing on the behavior but identifying the internal belief system that created that behavior and thought.

The meaning you associate with your self is changed by 3 things - your mind, your body, and your soul. It's changed by your thoughts, your biology (diet/nutrition/health) and your beliefs.


The Conscious Soul™ of yourself and your business is the root of your personal brand story.  It's a message that embodies the richness of your soul's purpose, the truth of your major life challenges, and the depth and meaning behind your existence.

As a purpose driven entrepreneur, it is now your job to not only discover your genius - your one true purpose - but build it into your brand story that connects to your ideal clients, transforms their lives, and sells to reach your highest levels in business and life.


Your brand story lives inside your strong beliefs. This is what POSITIONING is in business. It's the truth that you stand for, the purpose it serves in  your life, and the place that it holds in the lives of your ideal clients.  This is the strategic difference you have that sets you apart from your competition.

A business that is positioned correctly means:
√ You sell what your ideal clients need
√ You have an evergreen marketing tool that can be your client attraction magnet
√ You know the exact words your ideal clients need to hear because you're so clear on them you speak their language
√ You are reaching your target audience all around the world because you're not relying on standard marketing tactics
√ You have a personalized marketing and positioning strategy that makes you STAND OUT as THE answer for your ideal clients

In business, It’s not about being better than the competition. It's not about trying to be everywhere. And it's not about being on Facebook and trying to get more "likes".

It’s about having a business that is positioned correctly, with a strategic marketing plan of action. A business that is based on your expertise and life experience, that supports what you STAND FOR, and ATTRACTS your ideal clients based on a purposeful strategy and system that works.

Ready to scale attract your tribe of loyal PAYING CLIENTS and build your business in a smart, strategic and purposeful way using positioning?

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Shana Yao is CEO and Founder of TOTAL GENIUS™, where she works with high achieving entrepreneurs to discover your genius - the combination of your greatest strengths, talents, and life experience - to create a profit generating business based on your purpose, that fulfills your life and makes an impact on the world. She is an award-winning Business and Personal Success Strategist with over 28 years of experience managing multimillion dollar retail and shopping center locations, including the famed Rodeo Drive. 

In her signature program Discover Your Genius, Shana helps her clients achieve discover and empower their genius within. Using her knowledge of neuroscience, neuro-linguistic programming, positive psychology, emotional and positive intelligence, and high level business strategies, she works to develop her client’s unique vision by uncovering their purpose, their message, building their profit-generating signature program and putting their words into action on their website and in their customized marketing strategy. Schedule a chat to get your business and personal brand positioned to sell. 

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