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Secret Hack To Manifest More Instagram Followers

Growing your Instagram. If you Google it, there are 6,190,000 results that come up. And it's not like you don't inherently know the basics to growing your followers - but when it comes down to actually developing a strategy that works, that's when things become more complicated.

When do you post? What are you supposed to post? What do people want? Do you really want to spend your life on your phone when you have a business to run?

I have to be honest,  "manifest" is not a word I use often. In fact I hardly ever use it. I'm a not-so-woo-woo type of girl and if I'm going to talk about attracting anything in life - clients, relationships, happiness - it's gotta be done in a logical, step by step way or it isn't real to me. So naming this article "How To Manifest More Instagram Followers" was a little weird for me. But the truth is, there is no other way to say it. 

If you understand the law of attraction, it's based on logical, real steps. It's not as "woo woo" as it's made out to be, and whether you call it religion, spirit guides, or the universe - there is a higher force in life that responds to us humans when we do things that support the greater good of ourselves and others. (if you don't believe that then you should stop reading now).

Just to be 100% real, growing my Instagram following was on my list, but tripling it in just 45 days was not a goal. I actually set out to do something else - which is the secret hack I'm about to reveal so that you can do it too.

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Best Natural Skincare Products For Glowing Skin

If you were blessed with great skin from birth, lucky you. I'm sure I had baby soft skin when I was born, but time, too much sun, a colorectal health issue and well, STRESS in the last year started to take it's toll...on my face. A few months ago, my face filled with cystic acne I haven't h since I was a teenager and the wrinkles that are a part of being FIFTY this year were scarring my face and my self esteem.

An while that may sound vein, great. I'm vein! I'm a girl and #lookgoodfeelgood is not just a hashtag that gets a ton of followers on Instagram, it affects your confidence, your self esteem and THAT affects your HEALTH.

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